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Hemp Elixir Shop

Hemp Elixir Shop
December 3, 2019 Jagadeesh Chittala

Hemp Elixir Shop

Solitary Hemp Elixir

    $74.95 All Natural Fast-Acting

3 Pack of Elixir

    $204.60 (3 for $68.20 each) free delivery


6 Pack of Elixir

    $374.75 (6 for $62.50 each) free delivery

Solitary Hemp Elixir for $74.95

3 Pack for $204.60

    Save $20.25 + Free Delivery

6 Pack for $374.75

    Save $74.95 + Free Delivery

*We have confidence in access for everybody, and can perhaps not reject anybody according to economic limitations. Please e mail us for more information on our help system.


With your water-soluble technology, many users have the advantages ??“ with appropriate dosage??“ in under 30 moments, perhaps not thirty minutes like a typical CBD-rich oil provides. Our technology encapsulates the hemp that is CBD-rich in nanobubbles of water, which causes the CBD-rich oil to be consumed directly into the bloodstream the 2nd it touches our mucous membranes.


The fast consumption from our IP-protected, water-encapsulated distribution system permits to get more cannabinoids into the hemp extract to enter the blood and become employed by your body by bypassing first-pass food digestion. 250mg of our CBD is roughly 20x more bioavailable providing you exactly the same great things about 5000mg of the fat-based, complete range CBD oil.


While other water-soluble services and products available on the market are either nanosizing CBD isolate, we cracked the rule on the best way to make water-encapsulated, full spectrum CBD-rich natural natural oils, without needing any artificial or synthetically modified substances. In reality, our company is the only company that may use certified organic, regeneratively grown plants doing it.


Components: CBD-Rich Hemp, Hemp Seed Oil, Acerola Cherry, Moringa, Natural Vegetable Glycerin, Clear Water, Natural Quillaja.

CBD-Rich Hemp

CBD is regarded as a huge selection of phytonutrients based in the hemp plant with a few of the very most diverse and health that is effective present in Nature.

Hemp Seed Oil

Oil from hemp seeds offers the optimal ratio of Omega-6 and -3s when it comes to body that is human along with ALA, and it is an entire way to obtain protein..


Certainly one of Nature??™s many health superfoods, Moringa is laden up with vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and bioavailable minerals.

Acerola Cherry

Our certified fair-trade Acerola cherry is definitely a superfood that is amazing Brazil laden up with supplement C.

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We exist to be a catalyst once and for all. With this non-negotiable, triple important thing policy of placing individuals and earth before earnings while being fiscally effective we have been being the alteration you want to see in the field. We attempt to run these values to our company, exemplified by operating our servers with wind power, and ensuring usage of wellness products if you cannot manage them. We work to build relationships utilizing the farmers whom grow the ingredients we utilize, ensuring reasonable trade wages, and just supporting regenerative agriculture techniques. We shall constantly guarantee from seed to planting to the last services and products in the hands that individuals are making the whole world a much better destination without cutting corners. Our company is constantly trying to enhance the requirements for all your communities we touch. The environment, and all other members of Life (while still being a successful business) we are a living example that success does not need to be at the expense of others well being by honoring and valuing people. We love life, and we love you.

*These statements have not been examined by the foodstuff and Drug management. These items aren’t meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or avoid any condition.


With your water dissolvable technology, many users feel the advantages if the proper dosage is drawn in under 30 moments, perhaps perhaps not thirty minutes like a normal CBD rich oil does.

Regular CBD rich fat based oils take control thirty minutes prior to the cannabinoids also ensure it is to the bloodstream following the being encapsulated inside our gut. Ours gets consumed the 2nd it will make contact.

Our technology encapsulates the CBD rich hemp oil in nano bubbles of water, that allows the CBD rich oil become consumed straight to the bloodstream the 2nd it touches our mucosua membranes in the lips and stomach.


The quick consumption from our IP safeguarded water encapsulated water delivery system, permits for lots more cannabinoids into the hemp extract to go into the bloodstream and start to become employed by the human body, by bypassing first previous food digestion. 250mg of our CBD is roughly 20x more bioavailble providing you the exact same advantages of 5000mg of the fat based spectrum that is full oil.

The body must encapsulate the oil into water-soluble micelles in the gut in order for it to get past the water layer of the mucosa membranes and into the bloodstream with a fat based oil. This method kills over 90percent associated with cannabinoids as a result of the gastric acid, FAAH enzymes and other compounds. In the event that you consume 20mg of fat-based cannabinoids like CBD, the body can only utilize not as much as 2mg of it, and also the remainder gets eradicated through the human anatomy as waste. This makes it very hard for an individual to simply simply take sufficient quantities of the extract to have an optimized endocannabinoid system and also the results these are typically hunting for in an affordable way.

Our process enables the hemp extract to get straight to the bloodstream the next it comes down in contact with the mucosa membrane layer, makes it possible for a lot more cannabinoids to the bloodstream, in that process because they skip the part of the digestive process that makes them water soluble, and destroys much of them. Our unique distribution system is dramatically superior in bio-availability to many other kinds of improved solubility such as for example liposomal distribution that just offers an 8x improvement of bioavailability. Because of our improved bioavailability, a person may use substantially less item and acquire the outcomes even more quickly and with much greater affordability.


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