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Quality Policy

JFPPL is one of the largest corrugated board and box manufacturer and exporter in India. We at JFPPL are committed to achieve Customer Delight by delivering best value through:

  • Use of best quality materials.
  • Implementation of efficient manufacturing practices.
  • Well trained work force by continuous skill development.
  • Thoroughly checked quality assured output.

JFPPL is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 for it systems. The fully equipped in-house testing facility checks quality of all incoming raw materials and ensures quality of in-process materials and finished products.

Our testing facility is equipped with thefollowing equipment to test quality of materials at various stages:

  • Paper GSM Sample Cutter
  • Paper / Board GSM Tester
  • Paper Tear Resistance Tester
  • Paper / Board BS Tester
  • Paper / Board COBB Tester
  • Paper / Board Calliper Tester
  • Paper Moisture Tester
  • Board Moisture Tester
  • Paper RCT Specimen Cutter
  • Paper RCT / FCT Tester
  • Board ECT Specimen Cutter
  • Board ECT Tester
  • Board Puncture Resistance Tester
  • Box BCT Tester of 5MT Capacity
  • Adhesive Viscosity Tester
  • Adhesive Gel point Tester
  • Test Specimen Conditioning chamber

Sustainability Policy

We at JFPPL highly value our commitment towards a better tomorrow. In our given capacity we ensure maximum responsibility towards our society, environment, health & safety of our stakeholders. Our accreditations to prestigious certifications of ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 is a testimony to our above commitment.

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Social Responsibility

  • Provide work environment conducive of trust, motivation and openness, where everyone can realize their full potential
  • Comply to ethical standards of ‘No forced / compulsory / child labor’
  • Skills Development of our staff through continuous training

Economic Responsibility

  • Achieve better quality and productivity through incremental innovation and automation.
  • Optimize utilization of available resources and minimization of waste.
  • Adopt lean manufacturing practices

Environmental Responsibility

Paper Corrugated material is one of the sustainable packaging materials as it comes from renewable raw materials like wood pulp. Also it is 100% recyclable, which makes it environment friendly. At Jayaraj Fortune Packaging, we constantly promote corrugated packaging and try to replace other non-environment friendly materials of packaging with corrugated packaging through continual innovation.

Health & Safety Policy

  • Work place cleanliness and hygiene
  • Employee attentiveness towards day to day operations on the shop floor
  • Accident free work place
  • Adopt / develop, implement and maintain effective systems and procedures

Recycling Policy

Recycling corrugated helps decrease solid waste disposal in landfills. It also provides fibre that is reused to make new corrugated, so we can use less new, raw material. Recycling orrugated even earns revenue for the end-user, because that recovered material (called “OCC,” for “old corrugated containers”) is valuable to paper mills and manufacturers of new corrugated.