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Pharmaceutical Industry

Our Products for Pharmaceutical Industry

We service pharmaceutical industry with export quality and sea shipment worthy corrugated boxes. We also do end to end product solutions for transport shippers for pharma industry. Our products for this industry include:

  • Transport Shippers for Tablets, Capsules and Bottles
  • Transport Inner Shippers
  • High Strength Shipper for Tablets and Capsules Bulk Export
  • UN Certified Boxes
  • Shipper with Poly Sandwitch Paper for Water Resistance and Refrigeration
  • Shipper with Aluminium Foil Liner for Thermal Insulation
  • Corrugated IBC for Liquid Bulk Transport
  • Octagonal Bins for Jumbo Bag Air Shipment
  • Pallet Size Boxes for Export
  • Boxes to Replace HDPE Durms, Round Fibre Drums and Square Fibre Drums.